running and dancing

Friday night I sneaked out of the office at an early, early 6:30pm, to meet my workmate for a run around Independence Square (previously mentioned, with the lions). We bashed out a sweaty 6km and then got changed and went to meet J’s friends for “a beer”.
I was ready to gnaw on my own arm I was so hungry after running, so I ordered some vegetarian noodles. I forgot to specify “NOT SPICY” and they came out very ma la as the Chinese call it, sort of Sichuan pepper numbing-burning heat! I don’t mind a bit of heat but I really wasn’t up to eating more than a few bites. So the guys ate them for me and I ordered fries. I jokingly said “NOT SPICY!” but the joke was on me as the fries also came out covered in Sichuan pepper. Oh well. Beer and spicy foods are a good match.

Food and drink aside, I had a really lovely evening. We were at a sports club so we were outside on the lawn (no freezing a/c! no clouds of cigarette smoke!) and there was a great band playing live music.
I swear one day I’ll take a picture that isn’t dark and blurry
photo-30Awesome atmosphere and this adorable couple opened up the dance floor for about 15 young men to start boogying their arses off. I’m used to seeing a majority of girls dancing, with a couple of guys bopping awkwardly in their midst, but here there were nearly all men dancing like it was the best fun in the world. Really great energy — I had a spin later on in the evening myself, although my dance moves were definitely not up to the general standard…


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