the year of the fall

(I swear, I’ve already fallen over more times in 2012 than I have in the ten years previous. Maybe because I’m more active — I’ve mostly fallen whilst hashing and hiking — or maybe because I’m just getting old and clumsy? Let’s go with the first one.)

I started my day arguing with pigeons who have moved into the space above the air-con units on my balcony. I went out and shouted at them a few times, but they just flapped and cooed and pooped everywhere. So I went downstairs and flapped my arms a few times to get myself understood by the security guards (ironically, once they had worked out that I was saying “bird”, one of them asked me “Is it a sparrow?” and then nodded wisely when I answered that it was a pigeon. They speak good English but my accent confuses people I suppose.). A man came up and borrowed my broom, chased the pigeons away and then kindly swept up all the feathers and bird crap off my balcony. They came back the moment he had left of course, but I appreciated the effort.

In the afternoon I went out for a few errands (sans driver!), then in the evening I went running again with my co-worker J at Independence Square. We did the same 6.5km run as last time and this is how this happened:
so what it’s over-exposed and over-saturated? at least it’s not dark and blurry!
I don’t like running on pavement too much as it’s bad for my shitty knees, so I was running on the grass and then next thing I knew I was flying through the air like Wonder Woman. I screamed a little as I landed on my front, which attracted everyone’s attention of course, and then I got up and discovered there was a wire strung between two trees about a foot from the ground and that this had tripped me up.

I started running again as we were only half done, and I didn’t feel any great discomfort. However I was covered in mud and it started to sting as the mix of sweat and dirt did their thing… I was glad to get home and shower afterwards.



2 thoughts on “the year of the fall

    • Thanks! it’s just a scrape, nothing worth mentioning, but half of Sri Lanka was staring at me so it felt like a big deal at the time! — but my neck is pretty sore… hopefully just a bit of whiplash?


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