It’s been so long since I stopped going to the gym, I think my personal trainer sessions predate this blog. When I quit my PT and my gym, I thought I’d be ok with just ashtanga yoga and running. Then I thought I’d be ok just running. Then I got injured. Two years down the line, barely anything remains of my strength or fitness!

My building here in Sri Lanka has a gym — not a fantastic one, but a gym nonetheless. I got there just before 9 and started by running intervals for 30 minutes. Pathetic intervals, may I say, as I have become severely unfit — the plan was 2:30min @ 7.4km/h, 2:30min@12.2km/h, 5 times, plus warm-up and cool-down. I managed the first interval then diedddd after about 2 minutes at 12.2km/h, and spent the next 20 minutes closer to 6km/h recovery and 9km/h “speed intervals”. I have never been a fast runner but that was just awful, I remember when I would do intervals on the treadmill with my trainer, 10km/h was my RECOVERY ZONE. FML.

Anyway, I didn’t like coming away from a run feeling so pathetic. I circled around the machines a few times but knew I’d feel like an idiot trying to work them out by myself, so in the end I swallowed my pride and asked the gym superintendenty person if he could tell me how to use them. This turned into a 45-minute personal training session WOO-HOOOO~! now my arms are too weak to do anything (even typing is strenuous) and I feel so much better about just about everything in the world.

Before I went into the gym I felt so fat and soft and sluggish, especially after being sick and inactive for so long. I love the high that comes with doing weights, and somehow as I sat there huffing and puffing, bright red in the face and covered in sweat, I saw my thighs magically lose about 3 inches and my stomach shrink back in. It’s weird what our brains do to our body image. I’m so glad I asked Ronard for help — and got to find out his timetable too, as he isn’t on duty 24/7 of course — because I feel really strong and confident now (well not physically strong though), and will make an effort to get there on the days he is in. I have a gym date for Monday night!! It’s pure coincidence that I saw him today — he only does Saturday mornings on the weekends, and normally I’m stuck in a meeting from 9:30am till 2pm on Saturdays (cancelled at the last minute, yay).


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