back in the jug agane

Today I managed to finish the draft of the proposal I am in charge of and hand it over for preliminary review. It looks pretty awesome, courtesy my old boss who trained me to be a perfectionist when it comes to both content and presentation. To say I was proud of it (and maybe a little smug) is an understatement. It did come at a cost though — my headaches (migraines?) had subsided somewhat over the weekend, but came back with a vengeance during the course of the afternoon, thanks to the hours spent in a windowless office, with a/c, fluorescent lighting and staring at computer screens.

But I knew that I was hoping to see my gym’s PT after work… of course, this being Sri Lanka, nothing happens according to schedule, and he wasn’t there (see also: the person who was supposed to clean my house today didn’t clean it, and the anti-pigeon netting which has only been half-installed). My head was killing me, but I’m proud (again!) to say I managed to drag on my running gear and go back into the gym and run 5km on the treadie. Huzzah!


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