the first twenty minutes

I sneak these running posts in between more glamourous photo-heavy ones, but really they are the backbone of this blog and I’d say at least half of my content over the last two years has been running… so here we go with today’s run report.

It’s tough seeing that I am running 5kms at almost half the speed I was a year ago — but I resisted the temptation to keep beep-beep-beeping the buttons on the treadmill today. Monday night’s run was a pleasant 5km, mostly at 9km/h, and I know better than to make any of the following mistakes, although the temptation is huge:

— jump in straight at 9km/h (or whatever my target speed is). I have to warm up to it gently, even if I only have 20 minutes to run
— run for more than 40-45 minutes, even in the evenings when I have time to. I may be mentally capable of running for an hour or more, but my body is learning all over again
— run more often than every other day. This is the hardest right now. I often want to run every day or even twice a day, especially as I am aching to get back into an “Easy running” zone (I dream of reliving this run — but I know from experience I have to wait at least a few weeks of running every other day before I start running more often. My right shin and knee are both still very dodgy and I need to give them time to recover between runs, even if the rest of me is fine.

ANYWAY. This morning was an improvised run, to help overcome my professional and relationship frustrations, and I only had 20 minutes, as the treadmills were all taken by my worst enemies (the people who walk and watch TV, SCREW YOU!!!) until right up to nearly 8am. I crept up to 9km/h and stayed there for 15 minutes, wishing I didn’t have to get off the treadmill to go to work… I barely scraped 3km out but at least I did something, right? Apparently, even though they are the hardest for me, it’s those first 20 minutes that count the most, according to this article…


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