So I think, think, that I am registered for a 10km fun run this Sunday. I have promised myself to take it super super slow and just jog at a pace that is comfortable for me. The last time I ran 10km was around Madrid with James, 3 months ago (!), but it’s not a distance that I fear, so as long as I take it easy it should be fine.

I have a niggling tightness in my right calf and thigh, but this morning I did weights with Ronard-the-trainer and we stretched it out pretty well. He does physiotherapy as well, so I will go back on Saturday for some pre-race FUN RUN prepping, and again on Sunday after I’m done if I need it. I’m planning to run a really slow 8km tonight and see how that feels. Then no more running till Sunday, I guess, so that I have fresh legs (listen to me! I read way too many running blogs written by people who can actually run).

Training with Ronard is a bit confusing sometimes, although I’m adapting. When he tells me “Sleep!” he doesn’t mean take a nap, he means lay down on the mat. And when he asks “Are abs vibrating?” he means, are they shaking yet (muscle fatigue, I’d forgotten about you…). I really love having a trainer again. Plus this guy is very shy and nothing like Kane the Bogan, my last trainer, and he goes off and looks after other people whilst I do my sets, so there is no awkward conversation or him watching me whilst I huff and puff and make embarrassing noises. BONUS.


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