dead again

The moment I hit post on the last update, my “twinge” of pain developed into full-blown “oh my god I can barely walk” pain. So no “racing” (ha, ha, it was only ever gonna be a crawl) on Sunday morning — you have to get a doctor’s certificate to register! Not happening. I set myself up with some boxes and folders so I can work standing up at my desk instead of sitting, as sitting makes the pain in right hip really awful. I guess I need to go see a physio.

Here, in no particular order, are some pictures from the last few days.

Don’t park here.

Dude who has been hanging out in my bedroom these last few days.

Me in office clothes and my new running shoes, as yet never worn to run in, due to injuries:

What I did on Saturday evening, instead of partay-ing with the rest of the world.
Re: the above paper-cutting, my father’s official profession was art teacher. When we moved to France, he was supposed to start an art-school. This never materialised, but he did have an art studio for a while (a room that eventually became our bedroom by the time my sister and I were teens as it was obvious art had LEFT THE BUILDING; he kept the music studio though). In the art studio were various paintings of his own and of his students’, and there was this one paper cutting done in black card over a white background that I loved and longed to emulate. Well, it only took me 20 years or so to find time to sit down with a piece of (white) card and have a go at it. It’s pretty basic but it kept me entertained instead of whimpering about my aching hip and sore legs.

I wish I could stick to something, anything, long enough to create something special, but I am Little Miss Impatience and hey, projects, right?


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