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I haven’t updated for nearly a month — since before Beijing, in fact — because I’ve been both overwhelmed and underwhelmed by various events. The solution can only be in bullet-point format.

— Beijing was great. The first two days were exhausting but once I had sent the ministerial delegation on its merry way back to Sri Lanka, I basically had no work to do and enjoyed a week of cold weather, hanging out with my friend from uni Mariutti. We had some great meals, zipped around on her electric bike, went to the National Museum of Chinese Art, and discussed at great length her potential take-over of my job in Colombo. Spoiler: we decided against it last night.
On the bike, in the rain…
— Whilst I was in China, I was informed that I have been offered a place for the Masters course I want to do: Cultural Materials Conservation. This gave me great joy, followed by great despair, as it costs lotsandlotsamoney and I am earning handfuls of rupees. But I want to do it, and so I SHALL do it.

— My sister came to stay! Darling Polly was with me for 10 days, and a cyclone hit us for most of that time. We did fit in some monkeys, elephants, beach time and cocktails, but I think we spent just as much time curled up on the couch reading crime thrillers — so a perfect holiday for us sisters, really.

Sisters in a tuk-tuk!
Polly and the ocean!
Polly and some elephants!

— I told my job I’m quitting. They are not best pleased. But frankly, even if I’m not supposed to whinge on this blog — I cannot withhold my contempt for this place much longer. I do not, not, NOT enjoy working here. Or living here. Sorry (and sorry to all my friends on Facebook who have heard me whinging almost incessantly the last couple of weeks).

— I’m planning to be back in Melbourne by mid-December. This makes me happy. This is also the… let me think… third or fourth time this year that I’ve promised that? I originally was going to be back by January 2012. Oh well. This time it’s for SURE! as long as I don’t get giddy and accept the job I was offered in the Caribbean (because it would be an ADVENTURE! and then I would be closer to ALLY! who is currently hanging out in the AMAZON!… nooo Rosie don’t do it… stick to your plans).

— I’m sitting here somewhat grumpy because I have been knocked out by another attack of migraines + sinusitis. Sick AGAIN. I am WEARY. Additionally I have run out of Yaz, so I am overly emotional and irrationally susceptible. ALSO I am waiting to find out if James is going off to Libya to fuck around with some sort of de-mining gig, or if he is going to come here and see me in a couple of weeks. Yes, his career, adventure, bla-de-bla, but I would like to see him, selfish creature that I am. Roll on Monday with some answers and hopefully some pills (thanks to Emy, and her international brigade of contacts, who has arranged for a shipment of Yaz to be brought over from Turkey on Sunday. Woohoo!).

— I have been running nonsense little runs, of about 5km, on the treadmill. Even when I’m sick. I have to, for my own sanity. I cover up the screen with a towel and just listen to music and try to forget about everything. I really, really miss running outdoors. But between the humidity, the heat, and most importantly the lack of an actual place to run, I just don’t see it happening. I did plan to go to the Colombo hash on Wednesday but that was the day my sinusitis kicked in and my migraines were so vicious I almost fainted during a meeting at the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development, and trust me, that’s an uncomfortable place to get dizzy in. So no hash. Next week!

— I have lots of photos for China and for Polly’s trip (like when she got molested by a baby elephant). But I am lazy and the pictures need to be combed through, selected, resized, uploaded and then linked to. So… sorry. I guess they go on the list of posts I’ll write one day.


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