place to be

I am glad that of any place in the world I am in Melbourne. In Sri Lanka I would have turned to Pringles, in London, Taipei or Hong Kong I would have turned to even unhealthier comforts. But in Melbourne?
In Melbourne I have turned to Bikram Yoga, and then I can come home to a salad of rocket, baby spinach, nectarine, celery, carrots and tofu, with aceto and EVOO.

So! The Bikram. Hot yoga has been on my to-do list since 2007. The Bikram studio in Fitzroy has this 10 days unlimited pass for $19 – a bargain in the second most expensive country in the world. I have been meaning to give it a go for years and years, and now suddenly the timing is perfect.

Almost perfect; my first class yesterday actually wasn’t timed terribly well as I had not really slept or eaten before hand. Overcoming my repugnance at the SMELL of the place (imagine a dormitory’s worth of teenaged boys’ stinky rooms), I wasn’t all that bothered by the heat and humidity (it just feels like a night in Sri Lanka during a power-cut), but my body decided otherwise. I started blacking out repeatedly within the first few minutes of the practice, and then spent about 45 minutes just laying on my mat, trying not to faint. I did join in for the last half hour, which was ok, but I didn’t feel terribly inspired.

But today, against all odds, I went back. Rebecca (who had come with me yesterday) and I discussed it at length, agreeing that the stench of old socks, the squelchy carpet, and the grossness of having to spend so much time face down in ones towel, where ones feet had been just minutes previously, were all stomach-turning. But my morale was pretty low (break-up + period = OMG SO HAPPY) and as I’d paid for the classes anyway… I went to the 8pm class, because my Friday nights are so much fun.

Tonight’s teacher Marta was a more neutral and chilled out teacher, and I enjoyed it so much more. The heat makes it really intense and you have to focus all your attention of just surviving each pose. The sweat just POURS out of you, it’s incredible. I am drinking around 400% more water these last couple of days (about 3-4 litres as opposed to 1-2 glasses!!). I have worked out a system to prevent having my face in my foot-sweat (anyone who spends any time with me knows how fussy I am about feet being kept away from my face): lay the bath-towel down on the mat and then add a smaller sports towel at the top, carefully avoiding ever standing on it and folding it over if necessary. There, now you all know how to avoid huffing tinea during hot yoga.

Anyway. That’s my attempt at a blog update about something I did for me today. I did also go to IKEA in the morning and think about buying a bed for my new house, but then I got sad and went home. I’ll try again soon!


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