bikram again

Day 3! The last 20 minutes were exhausting. I’m still trying to work out how to fuel this thing – Bikram burns almost as many calories as running, but unlike running, it destroys my appetite (although this happened when I was running lots as well I suppose). Anyway, by the last couple of asanas I was woozy, weak, and BURNING UP. The heat was really getting to me! I sat out camel pose, which I don’t like anyway because it hurts my knees.

stupid camel pose
Then as soon as I could stand up without a headrush, I rushed out of that oven of a room so I could neck a bottle of icy cold Staminade and just flopped on the floor for 10 minutes.

But you know… it felt so good. I’m not sure what the particular appeal of Bikram is. Maybe it’s because you’re allowed and supposed to do it every day. Every time I’ve found a new sport, I have had trouble pacing myself: if I don’t run every day, then I lose momentum; if I run every day, I hurt myself.

I’m currently practicing in my running shorts and a yoga top, but I’m so envious of the little tops and tiny shorts many other people wear. You sweat so much it’s actually better to have as little clothing on as possible, although I don’t feel ready to have my belly on display yet. Maybe just some lululemon shorts… argh as if I needed an excuse to start buying lululemon gear again!

Graham and I went to IKEA again today so I could buy the bed I want but they only do next-day delivery, so…. I’ll be going back again on Tuesday! I had all these cool ideas on how to furnish and decorate my room but apparently no painting no drilling allowed. I could make that place look so awesome, but I guess it’ll just have to be an off-white 2.7mx2.7m box, blah. At least the rest of the house is nice.


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