bikram for blokes

Day 4, yesterday, was fairly uneventful. It was a woman-only class, and there were only a dozen of us there. The heating wasn’t working properly and I hardly sweated at all, which made me realize how easy the postures are when it’s not 40+ degrees.

Today, the fifth day, I put off the class until the end of the day. On Sunday I rushed straight out of bed to yoga and unfortunately the endorphins didn’t last me to the end of the day, plus I’m getting some pain in the tendons on the outer back of my knees, so I decided to take 30 hours off, and went to the 8pm class.

It was almost full, around 30 people perhaps, and there were three guys who were first-timers. They were joking around as they waited at reception, big blokey types in their early 40s, and laughing about how hard it would be. I was sympathetic but amused at how destroyed they were by the halfway point. Two of them tried to leave but that’s not allowed, so they just lay on their mats and suffered. I shouldn’t laugh but I don’t mean it in a mean way, just that they probably had no idea how awful it would be. I hope they come back again!

As for me, I love it still. It’s hard work, and I spent most the last 20 minutes of my practice obsessing about the cold Staminade that was waiting for me in the fridge outside. I was like a cartoon character on a desert island fantasizing about a 5-course meal…

Day 6 tomorrow! I’m already halfway through my 10-day trial. I think that I will buy a 1-month unlimited pass at the end of this. Oh and I purchased a cheap pair of shorts from Target, because lululemon had NOTHING that did not give major cameltoe. You spend a lot of time staring at yourself in the mirror during Bikram and I do not need distraction of this kind!


2 thoughts on “bikram for blokes

    • I was thinking the same thing today — here it’s $140/month for bikram and only around $60 for a gym membership! But I mostly run or do yoga, the gym only worked for me when I had a personal trainer, so I guess it’s not that hard a choice at the moment.


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