banging my head against a bikram wall

(because it feels so amazing when I stop)

Today the major thing I did for me was move into my new home! I love it. James came over to help me build the furniture — which means he assembles it whilst ignoring my anxious suggestions that he follow the instructions rather than see them as a mere suggestion, but the results are great so I guess he knows what he is doing.

I missed Bikram last night (which would have been night 6) but made sure I went to night 7 even though I am quite tired. I’m so glad I did. What on earth happens during these classes? I’ve been to plenty of regular yoga classes and none of them leave me feeling quite like Bikram does. In fact, I’m about to say the hippiest damn thing I’ve ever said, and I am cringing as I write this. But when I come out of Bikram, I really do feel that there is an extra sort of space in the top of my head, and that I am breathing with the usual nose/mouth/lungs set-up, but also through my scalp. It’s probably got some weird chakra-related name. And I feel like this weird energy coming through the palms of my hands, sort of like Dragonball-style beams in between my fingers?

Artist’s impression of Rosie post-Bikram
Ok, please forget I even wrote the above paragraph. Anyway, it’s my current infatuation so I’m allowed to ramble and rave and talk rubbish, right? I think I will get a 1-month unlimited pass and sign up for the 30-day challenge. If you go every day for 30 days, the next month is half-price. Nothing like a bit of incentive to keep me going and to justify the exorbitant cost of Bikram…


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