wee thursday post

Today I went to Crumpler to see my pal Amy, who kitted me out with a fantastic backpack, named “The Rampaging Mob”. I originally chose the smaller version but once I’d crammed my yoga mat, 3 towels, yoga gear and a change of clothes in there, it became obvious I needed the large. I love it to pieces! It’s perfect for yoga but also for traveling and for school.

Yoga was the other main event of the day. Of course. Bikram. It was good and it was sweaty; the teacher was the same guy I had on my first class, and he was much nicer, coming over to adjust me several times and calling out to me to stay focused when I was struggling to stay in the game. Maybe because I was trying so much harder, I was wiped out by the time we reached Camel pose, which is the antepenultimate pose and the one I dislike the most, so I didn’t do it. Sorry Camels.

Only two days left before my trial expires and I bite the bullet to buy a membership. My last day is Saturday, which incidentally is the day I’m meeting the aforementioned lovely Amy for a bike ride! So hopefully it won’t be too hot, as between bike rides and bikram, I can’t see myself having the energy for much else… That said, it is my intention to reintegrate running into my schedule soon, as I get progressively more used to bikram.

And only 10 days before I start my new job. That will be a challenge and a half.

Ok I go sleeps now. I’m not making much sense.


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