first day

Today was my first day at my new job. It’s kind of weird how un-flustered I was, considering how I knew nothing about the company, nothing about what work I was doing, nothing about anything other than my ex-ex-boss (aka my re-boss) was giving me a job. I just had to turn up, smile, and learn whatever was expected of me.

I checked in with myself for any anxiety or nervousness or apprehension but none could be found, just the vague disgruntled feeling of “Pff. Work.” And so with that, I got off the tram in my pretty new dress and snazzy new jacket and walked towards my office building in the midst of a crowd of other office workers.

My day dragged by; my boss took me for coffee and told me his strategy to get me promoted to management as soon as possible; I tried as best I could to take an interest in the work I’m going to be doing and to be friendly and charming to my new work colleagues (although the boss said not to get too friendly as he plans to have me managing them within a month or two). I took a 15-minute break in the sunshine and checked my Facebook.


Getting out of work though, my evening seemed all the sweeter. I met Rebecca for (too many) galettes at Breizoz, and then we went for one of our lovely long walks.

J’ai tout mangé!

I love Melbourne. It’s good to be here.


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