rosie and gary (and bikram of course)

This is Rosie getting ready for work, pretending to be a grown-up:

 photo 6274a358-885c-4562-9206-1681497c8a52.jpg

This is Rosie after work, trying to sort out some issues with Gary:

 photo IMG_0198.jpg

This is Rosie on a Saturday afternoon, riding Gary along the City Capital Trail, after visiting her friend Graham, heading over to see her friend Rebecca, before going to Bikram:

 photo IMG_0204.jpg

This is an otherwise unremarkable shot of the Capital City Trail, posted only because that blue sky and those shady trees make Rosie very happy:

 photo IMG_0203.jpg

And there are…. no pictures of Rosie’s Bikram experience. Or of the delicious grilled fish, salad and chips that she enjoyed afterwards. But overall it’s been a lovely day!

The new goal with Bikram, following my first week at work and a conversation with my mother, is to aim for a minimum of two sessions during the week and once on the weekend. I can always do more, but as long as I do those three sessions a week I am supposed to be proud of myself.

It’s hard to convince my brain though. I honestly feel ashamed to be “only” going three times a week. But the truth is that for the time being, I am still adapting and I don’t have the stamina to work all day and then go home, ride my bike to the studio, Bikram my heart out, and ride home again. Not every day. But two (and I’m hoping more!!) nights a week is feasible. And if I feel like doing two sessions on the weekend, that’s fine, but if I don’t, then it’s absolutely ok for me to only go once, and to have a day off — off from work AND off from Bikram.

At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. On the upside, I could ride my bike a couple nights a week too! Today Gary and I did about 15km, it’s so much fun.

I just realised I was about to end this blog post without mentioning my new best friend, Nuun. Nuun is the best thing to happen to me these last 10 days. I’m normally horribly dehydrated, always tired and headachey, and even though I have been drinking LOTS of water since I started Bikram, it basically just goes straight through me and is a major nuisance (generally getting up to pee 3 times in the night, and bathroom breaks every hour during the day). But the Nuun is just amazing: I drink a couple of bottles a day at least, and I am much more awake and refreshed, and no headaches, far less irritability and — dare I say it — fewer visits to the bathroom. So yeah… I may have ordered 100 tabs off the internet the other night. Try it!


4 thoughts on “rosie and gary (and bikram of course)

  1. I already said this on Faceboook but I really like the corporate-unprofessional Rosie look. So stylish and pretty! Also, I whole wholeheartedly approve of the Birakm goal you’ve set for yourself. This is both reasonable and achievable – and hey, if you do make it there more often than twice in a week and once on the weekend, that’s just a nice bonus. Once you are settled into your new job + school, maybe you can reassess, but 90 minutes of yoga 3 times in a week is already FAN-TAS-TIC !!!!!! Two thumbs WAY up for you ❤

  2. bhahaha I just saw that I wrote “corporate- UN professional” in my comment up there – damn you auto-correct !!!!!! I’m sure you understood that the extra “un” didn’t belong there… still. Opps! ❤


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