first day of school

I’m pretty sure I used that title 18 months ago when I started my Chinese classes again at Zhengda. So maybe the title for this one should be “First day of Big Girl School”. Me! Doing a Masters degree! I would never have thought it would happen.

It was… unreal. I can’t believe that my journey has really begun. Today was the first day on my way to making my dream come true. Up until now I’ve been kind of unsure if this was the right thing to do, I mean, if this was the right path to get where I want to be. There aren’t many maps and I’ve been kind of stumbling along in the dark, bumping into trees and stumps and brambles. If you’ll forgive the purple prose, I feel like the sun rose this morning and suddenly the entire majestic country is illuminated and I can see my destination up ahead. It’s going to take a few years, but this is it!

After class I was a bit overwhelmed and headachey. I found my way back to the library, climbed the stairs to my bookless study room, and sat down to do the reading for tomorrow. I was so tired, I ended up having a quick desk-nap. I learned to do this in Taiwan, when I was studying ridiculously long hours, often from 7:30am to 9 or 10pm. It seems weird at first but the Taiwanese kids do it all the time: just lean forward and lay your head on the table. Then close your eyes and bask in the silence. Wake up suddenly, sit up with your hair all fluffy à la Bernard Black, wipe the drool from your chin and take stock of the extraordinary levels of energy you now possess. Note: occasionally you will wake up feeling worse. This means you really have burnt out and it’s time to go home.

 photo Beethoven_Bernard.jpg

And then I read for two hours about mould treatment and which types of gloves are best for handling which chemicals. It was glorious.

Today in our afternoon tutorial we did case studies; practice scenarios of this or that object and how would we ethically chose to approach it. Do you know how fun that is? I want more. MORE.


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