injury assessment

Today I had an appointment with the sports doctor. He began by recommending I get Botox to stop my blushing, which was somewhat uncalled for (I’m a redhead! we blush! it’s just a fact!), but he was very attentive and helpful when it came to my knees, and suggested that rather than patellar tendinitis (now known as patellar tendinopathy apparently) it was a question of the kneecap not being correctly aligned with the top of the femur. Known as patellar misalignment, it doesn’t sound very good, but it does sound about right and would explain why giving up running did NOT help at all.

I saw a couple of doctors in Taiwan last year when I first destroyed my knees by overtraining, one of them supposedly a knee specialist, one of them supposedly a sports specialist. Neither of them were anywhere near as efficient as the doctor I saw today. Which is promising. However, neither of them were anywhere near as expensive either. Of course, in order to really see what’s going on, he requested that I get X-rays and CT scans done, which set me back another $550. And I have to see a podiatrist as well. Ka-ching!

In between appointments I went back to uni to finish and submit my first assignment. To be honest, it was neither hugely challenging nor inspiring; a 500-word bibliographic annotation on one of the books we had to read. I haven’t ever done one before though so I’m not as confident as I like to be that I nailed it, but it’s only 10% of the overall mark for this unit so I’m hoping that worse case scenario it won’t penalise me too badly!

Anyway, after I’d submitted my essay I was off to the hospital. I had to get 6 CT scans and 6 X-rays, which I actually enjoyed because for once it felt like I was getting value for money. Normally only the dentist will dedicate such extended amounts of time to me, before presenting me with an equally extended bill. At least the scans and X-rays didn’t hurt. As always though, every single person I interacted with was friendly, considerate and attentive. I love the health workers of Australia. I hope some of those dollars I pay went to keeping them happy.

I had a look at the scan results. I have no idea how to read them really but I got the impression that whilst there is no severe misalignment, there is a bit of an issue. I just want someone to magically reset my knees so I can go back to running and cycling. The good news: Bikram stays on the menu! Awkward pose is in fact the recommended exercise to strengthen those pesky knees.

 photo utkatasana.jpg


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