lucky girl

I love my course so much. Much as I find it hard to be crammed into a room with 43 other students (39 of them female) from 9 till 5 every day, it’s just so wonderful to be surrounded by people who care about the same things as me. People who can talk for hours about art and conservation and whose eyes light up the way I know mine do when we discuss the cultural significance of artworks from the caves at Lascaux to Marina Abramovic. We are from such varied backgrounds, from chemistry to fine arts, and I am constantly learning new things — everything relevant to my passion.

It’s so frustrating to think that I only get 8 weeks of this a year, and I’m already into the second week. I’ve chosen the topic for my first essay, inspired by James’ current location in Bamiyan: Who are the stakeholders of the now-defunct Buddhas in Bamiyan, blown up by the Taliban in 2001, and now the subject of much debate as to how — and more importantly, whether — to restore them.

We went on a visit to a conservation lab last week and are going to another tomorrow. It was really inspiring, and I took lots of pictures with the idea of writing a blog post about it, but then was informed that my pictures cannot be published as everything within the lab is confidential. In fact, a lot of emphasis has been put on the confidential aspect of our studies and future careers; I guess I won’t be blogging about my work as much as I would like to!

In other news, I now have orthotics to correct the imbalance in my knees, and whilst the medical bills keep adding up, I am hopeful that I will eventually be able to run and cycle again one day like a normal person. I had a fantastic Bikram class last night and I still feel the love for it, but I do need outdoors exercise (although with the current heatwave, it’s not like I’m missing much).


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