life can be fine if you’re not a bitch about it

I may have had a little whimpering self-pity fest this morning. I woke up from a nightmare where I was stuck re-writing my entire group assignment because nobody else had done their work. This isn’t all that far from the truth. Additionally I was stressing about collecting a parcel from the post office in Fitzroy and couldn’t find anyone to give me a lift — I’ve already had one parcel returned to Taiwan last week, and I was worried it would happen again! And because I was faffing around I’d missed the 8am Bikram session and couldn’t make the 10am session because I had a meeting scheduled at lunchtime. And I was potentially going to have to spend my afternoon re-writing my group assignment. Not what I wanted!

So I stomped around and flailed my arms about and cried because my life should be so perfect and yet shit keeps happening. Then I remembered something one of my little brother’s friends posted on Facebook a while back: life can be fine if you’re not a bitch about it. Out of the mouths of babes…

So I pulled myself together and told myself to stop being such a… bitch? I booked a cab to take me to the post office. $22 dollars for my sanity? cheap! I called my lecturer and she told me not to worry and extended the deadline by another 2 days. Sorted!

My lunchtime meeting — with a French lady art restorer here in Melbourne — was really interesting. After chatting with her for an hour, I went down to the city to meet Supermate Cici.
Somehow the only picture we have taken together since she got here last week, from Sunday night
 photo IMG_0423.jpg
We hung out for the afternoon, ate some delicious Korean food, and then I went home to get ready for Bikram.

And it turns out, I’m so glad I missed that 8am class. The 8pm class was led by my Bikram-super-crush Josh, and I had a really strong, enjoyable practice. I wasn’t once tired or dizzy the entire time. In fact I came out of the class feeling really refreshed and barely sweating, which feels almost worrying when it’s Bikram!

I have been keeping a sticker diary recently. I have different coloured stickers for my supplements (calcium and krill), medication, Bikram and library. On a good day I should have all 4 — putting up Bikram AND library stickers makes me so happy! And at the very least, I never forget my various pills, because every day I have to put a sticker on it. You may also spot a couple of white stickers… whisper it, it means I ate meat.

 photo photo-49.jpg

This morning’s little breakdown seems so far away. I had a lovely day. I must remember that Life can be fine if you’re not a bitch about it.


5 thoughts on “life can be fine if you’re not a bitch about it

    • Yes, I liked it a lot at the time, it didn’t seem so phoney as some of the “inspirational” things you see floating around (in fact there was probably a spelling mistake or two in there, so authentically teenaged!)… and when it came back to me today I marvelled that I had ever forgotten it!


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