January 2012

I was going to write a post about my visit to the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) in North/South Korea last year, but then I didn’t have all the pictures I thought I did. However flicking through my January 2012 folder, there are a variety of photos and I thought it might be fun to revisit that month!

January 2nd: Not the funnest start to the year, but the first diagnosis of what turned out to be a major case of the Screwed-Up Knees (what James calls a “bung knee” but that expression is so stupid!)
 photo IMAG0539-1.jpg

January 6. Here I am in Seoul! It’s cold, and bright, and cold!!
 photo IMAG0540-2.jpg

There is a long winding riverpath which I ache to run along, and which Stefany informs me goes for miles. However, I wisely did not pack my running gear, as I am supposed to be resting my freshly injured knees.
 photo IMAG0541.jpg

The supermarkets in So.Ko. sell EVERYTHING. Including fish. As in aquariums and their inhabitants.
 photo IMAG0542.jpg

January 7. Our trip to the DMZ! Our guide is the most adorable, slightly camp Korean. I have forgotten his name but I have a feeling it was Kim (safe bet).
 photo IMAG0543.jpg

There aren’t many photos as it is a restricted area (duh) and therefore we aren’t allowed to even point at things, let alone take photos. I remember that it was fascinating but I can’t remember enough to really write about it with any great skill. This is why I need photos.
 photo IMAG0545.jpg
 photo IMAG0548-1.jpg
 photo 5e46d444.jpg

Apparently, we have now left the DMZ. This shop display was amazing, but then the shoplady came over and echoed the DMZ rules: No photos.
 photo IMAG0556-2.jpg

Innocent Bystander! I have gotten blotto on this delightful pink moscato many a night out in Fitzroy’s Little Creatures brewery, where you used to be able to buy it on tap by the jug. It is also known as “Slut Cheowse”.
 photo IMAG0557-1.jpg

Hello Kitty: Unsurprisingly, just as popular in Korea as in Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
 photo 407242_10100148764597577_1970198946_n.jpg

January 15: Back in Taiwan, at Rebecca’s Election Day Party. I am eating homemade blueberry cheesecake next to a piano.
 photo IMG_0206-1.jpg

MRT afterparty with Edu & Co:
 photo IMG_0197.jpg

January 16. I was utterly bemused by my trip to see those nuns.
 photo IMAG0566.jpg

January 18. Applying my powers of deduction to this picture of two Kingfisher Beers, I’m guessing that I’m at the Indian restaurant in Ximending, and that my companion is Catherine. I seem to remember us guffawing too loudly and a Taiwanese gentleman asking us politely to keep it down. Loud English Girls. Mortified.
 photo IMAG0583-1.jpg

January 24. A cup of the most delicious tea in existence. I am really quite enjoying this process of revisiting old pictures! I had forgotten that Rebecca had given me a sachet of this beautiful Hot Cinnamon Spice tea. How clever of me to have taken a photo — I must track some down tomorrow and then DRINK IT FOREVER.
 photo IMAG0596.jpg

January 26. This is the sleepy face of a very naughty girl, who has slept in her running clothes in order to wake up early and go for a run DESPITE THE FACT THAT HER KNEES ARE SO BAD. My Australian sports doctor tells me that actually I was right to keep running despite getting injured. However at the time, I was supposed to be resting…
 photo IMAG0602.jpg

A glutton for punishment, this appears to have been my supper that evening. I identify red cabbage and omelette on a bed of lettuce.
 photo IMAG0605.jpg

January 27. A bird in a cage attached to a scooter. Why? Because Taiwan.
 photo IMAG0607.jpg

January 30. My conservator side laughs at this picture. Most people would struggle to see any value in it. I, however, and any fellow hashers out there, will recognise it as a splash of flour. Beautiful, glorious flour, from a run (ANOTHER FORBIDDEN RUN, so much for resting): the Taipei Zoo run, which I had missed the day before, and ran by myself on the Monday.
 photo IMAG0608-1.jpg

The run ended at Taipei Zoo (the clue is in the name), which has some interesting artwork, including this one monument to animal poop.
 photo IMAG0609-1.jpg

And so my month of January 2012 ended, happy and sweaty. Looking at this picture of me, I want to start running again! But I ran for the tram yesterday morning and OW OW OW. Not quite yet. Soon.
 photo IMAG0612-1.jpg


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