violently happy

I rode the tram home from work today in a state of bliss, wearing the biggest grin on my face. I don’t know if it’s because of my exceptional Bikram session last night or because today I did nothing but interesting and stimulating things at work, but I just feel like everything is so perfect. Especially my relationship, which is hard to explain given the long distance thing, but I still consider myself the luckiest girl regardless. It helps that I now have a 4-day holiday for Easter as well, but I just am generally so happy at the moment. Do they get boring, these constant updates of how Today, I Felt Happy For Me? Well for me it’s nice, anyway.

(musical interlude with my still-favourite-song-of-the-last-month, which always has me rocking out wherever and whenever I listen to it)

I went to Bikram again tonight. I knew it wouldn’t have the miraculous effect that yesterday’s session did, but I just felt like it would be a great way to finish a lovely day, plus I knew Josh would be teaching and he brings such great energy to his classes. And ok, I admit it — he keeps an eye on my practice and always congratulates me after class, telling me I did well, and if there’s one thing Rosie loves and responds to, it’s praise and recognition. I kind of know that yoga is supposed to be above and beyond praise, but it motivates me so much more to try and do better if I know that the teacher is watching and actually notices that I’m pushing myself and improving.

Oooh and injury update: I got confirmation from the doctor that I do have patellar misalignment. Apparently I need physio, but I’m pretty terrible at organising such things (plus they cost dollah-dollah-bill). However I have serendipitously discovered that the Uni of Melbourne needs volunteers for a long-term study on kneecap pain (and its correlation with arthritis, sounds promising). I wrote to the person in charge and she seemed keen to get me on board so yay, more investigation of my stupid knees but for freeeeee!


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