hiding from the heat

gratuitous reference to my favourite band Haim’s awesome song Go Slow — I just love every single one of their 7 songs so much! this one is currently on repeat, not because of the words but I adore their sound:

My life this week: wake up at 6:45. Shower. Get dressed. Get on the tram. Get to work. Work from 8:45 to 5. Work on my essay till 10:30. Get on the tram. Get home just before midnight. Sleep. Repeat.

Today there was a slight deviation: I got landed with a campaign in Singapore and Malaysia, so I had to work till 7pm (and this will continue until the 19th of April. Yay!). The essay is sort of done so I decided to go to Bikram, which I have missed sorely (quite literally — back is KILLING me).

Then as the tram approached Fitzroy, I realised that I had barely eaten or drunk all day. Apart from my delicious coffee at 11am, I’d only had a mini-falafel wrap at lunch and the handful of chocolates my boss sprinkled on my desk in an attempt to boost my morale. I was dizzy and tired and hungry. I stayed on the tram.

Then I realised I really, really wanted to go so I got off at the next stop and speed-walked back to the studio. I explained my situation to the teacher who looked worried and told me to take it easy. I slammed a Staminade before class and shamefully inserted myself between the cold-air vent and the guy who had set up his mat in front of it, fully expecting to either black out or throw up during class. And completely unexpectedly, I had a really strong practice — it felt so good to stretch and twist and sweat! I was so energised I could have gone a second class… if only they did 10pm classes hey.

I’m debating whether to go again tomorrow morning before work. There’s still a nasty knot in my back and I know I might not get to go in the evening if there’s a lot of work to do on my essay… but maybe a better plan might be to get some sleep.


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