I have a list, a couple of pages long, of the things I need to get done on my days off. This is because my days are either as described in the previous post, or spent in bed with my laptop, watching films and TV shows or wasting time online (does anyone still say “surfing the web”? it seems so dated now! no longer a cool pass-time, but instead a frivolous, time-wasting exercise…).

Faced with the choice between doing too much and nothing at all, I tried to get a grip and write a sort of bucket list for weekends. Three weeks in and lot of the tasks have been crossed off, including sending James a care package, researching health insurance, and going to see the Afghanistan exhibition at Melbourne Museum. Some of them are quite mundane yet still haven’t been done, such as painting my toe-nails (I have my face on them every other day in Bikram and they really could do with some nail varnish). Yesterday, I achieved one that I’ve been putting off for over a month: physio exercises.

I actually need to go and see the physiotherapist, but due to time constraints have not got round to it yet. For some reason I keep putting it off. But in the interim, I am supposed to be doing some exciting exercises — wall-bangers and step-downs — and rolling out my IT band. I watched some exercises for patellar mal-tracking on YouTube as per my doctor’s instructions, and purchased a foam roller and a couple of small balls to do the exercises at home.

The wall-bangers and the wall squats were ok — they are no harder than awkward pose in Bikram.

 photo 3635_602623377993_1724257981_n.jpg

Anyone who has ever used a foam roller will know what the foam roller felt like (for those who haven’t — it’s painful to say the least). I discovered a couple of really knotted, tight spots in my calves, which I still haven’t worked out of there, but overall my entire lower body got the roller treatment and even though it wasn’t exactly pleasant, I did feel like it was doing something.

 photo 321581_602623412923_1975668158_n.jpg

I had to rush out the door to go see my beloved Katie who is in town at the moment (yes… wearing the same top I was rollin’ in).

 photo 923559_602637235223_658267007_n.jpg

Maybe it was Katie’s high energy, but I woke up this morning feeling like I’d been on a brisk 15k run the day before. Not in the usual bad way — screaming shins, creaky knees or tight hamstrings — but in a good way, with my muscles feeling nicely tired. I slept a solid 10 hours, went to Bikram with Katie, had a late (and much-needed) lunch at 3pm and then went home and slept some more. I am still so sleepy, and my legs are still singing this strange “yes, we worked out a lot, and now we must rest” song. Not DOMS, just kind of tingling. I will try and keep up this foam rolling business! I really, really want to start running and cycling again. That and to be able to sit in a chair comfortably without my knees freaking out.


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