Today I was reunited with both Gary and Bikram!

I have missed Gary so much. My knees aren’t much better, but having spoken with various doctors and podiatrists and physios in the last couple of months, it seems they are never going to be completely cured and I’m worse off if I let my leg muscles weaken doing nothing, than if I cautiously ride Gary (no running yet though).

So today, with my last essay handed in yesterday and my next essay not due for another 3 weeks, I took advantage of my first free Sunday in forever, and got out of the house to enjoy the lovely sunshine. I went down to Graham’s to pick Gary up from his garage, scrunched him into a cab (Gary, not Graham) and went up to CERES to check out the bikeshed. The bikeshed doesn’t fix your bike — volunteers teach you how to repair it. There are always a lot of people there so you have to spend a fair bit of time waiting around, but it was worth it. I adjusted my brakes, replaced my rear gear cable and finally got a lever-clamp-thinger (official name) so I can adjust the seat stem at whim. Gary’s gear are now perfectly functional and I have the satisfaction of having done it myself!

Obviously my hands got very grimy very fast, so my white iPhone stayed in my pocket, but I did snap a picture of Gary anxiously waiting his turn.

 photo 525245_603719576203_1283694801_n.jpg

And then I rode home, grabbed my Bikram gear, and rode down to Fitzroy to get my sweaty yoga on. It’s been a whole two weeks since I was there last, due to a delightful combination of sneezy-coughy-cold-cold and busy-stressy-school-school. It was great to be back in there (but urgh! the smell!) and I was glad to see I hadn’t lost any flexibility or strength.

After Bikram I dropped by Coles as usual to do my Sunday night shop. Riding home with 20kg of groceries in my backpack, after not being on a bike for 2 months… was… painful to say the least. Won’t be climbing back onto the saddle for a couple of days!!


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