back on my bike

I had everything carefully scheduled for my Saturday. I would get up at 9, go to the Ian Potter around 10am to examine the exhibit I am writing my next essay on, I would drift over to the library to find a couple of books I needed for said essay, I would put in a couple of hours of reading before heading over to a conservation symposium from 2 to 4pm. Then I would settle down in the Graduate study room and get in 6 proper hours of writing. 10pm, head home.

This was of course the follow-up to my Friday of work all day, study till 7pm, Bikram 8-10pm. Instead, around Friday lunchtime, a slowly-growing dread that I was getting sick turned into cannot-work-at-all-my-head-is-full-of porridge and I went home early, got straight into bed, and didn’t move again for nearly 24 hours.

I did make vague plans to go riding with Amy today, but my craziest biker-friend was doing this all morning, so I very nearly just gave up on today. But to be honest, I really wanted and needed to go for a ride, so eventually I pulled myself together and dressed myself to hit the road with Gary… at 3pm, but still, I did it!

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-18at61646PM.png

It was such a nice autumn day. Sometimes it felt like Europe.

 photo photo2-3.jpg

 photo photo1-3.jpg

I thought of special boyfriend James as I went past the giant cat statue…

 photo photo4-3.jpg

Hard to believe this was only 4 months ago…

 photo IMG_0033.jpg

So… tonight’s plans: watch 30 Rock and roll out my aching legs on my foam roller. Tomorrow… tomorrow is my chance to do what I didn’t achieve today!


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