candy floss skies

I haven’t had much time free to do anything worth reporting on recently, although I suppose I did the usual things in more extreme blocks: Bikram, multiple days in a row! Cycling so hard my tire burst! Writing an essay in 36 hours! Working lots and lots!

Things have eased off a little though, and I’m hoping to start having adventures again soon. I have been doing my porcelain classes, but I’m saving all the photos for a single post at the end when I’ve got the final results. It’s been hard to get enough exercise because of how long and busy my days are, but I have been walking the 7.5km from work to my home whenever I get a chance (ie, if it’s not ridiculously late or ridiculously wet). Yesterday I was walking home as the sun set and the skies were just amazing, a baby-blue backdrop with wisps of hot pink fluffy clouds tangled in the branches of trees. I was listening to my new favourite musician Luke Howard, a Melbourne composer whose album is appropriately entitled “Sun, Cloud”, and his delicate and uplifting music filled my ears whilst my eyes couldn’t take in enough of the stunning skies. I kept thinking about taking a picture with my iPhone but felt silly to stop in the middle of the rushing crowds around me and I thought photos wouldn’t do nature justice… eventually I did pull out my phone though, and I’m so glad I did. These are all taken in a bit of a rush, next to the Arts Precinct and by the river, and whilst they aren’t as fabulous as the real thing… it’s nice to have something to show for it. I do love Melbourne.

 photo IMG_1114-1.jpg

 photo IMG_1116.jpg

 photo IMG_1118-1.jpg

 photo IMG_1119.jpg

 photo IMG_1120.jpg

This is one I particularly like, with Flinders St Station doing its best impression of the Musee d’Orsay.

 photo IMG_1122.jpg

Plans for the weekend: a session of ashtanga yoga at my old studio, as I have found an old pass with 4 classes still on it. I’m a tiny bit apprehensive about doing ashtanga after 6 months of Bikram as they are very different, but it’ll be good to do a different kind of yoga. I dreamed last night that I was running again and I really can’t hold out much longer, so anything that strengthens my legs is A+++ in my book! And then tomorrow I will mend Gary’s flat tire with Amy and hopefully squeeze in an afternoon ride to visit friends in Surrey Hills.


3 thoughts on “candy floss skies

  1. This is gorgeous! I was obsessed with Melbourne when I went through my Neighbours phase as a tween but this looks even more exciting than Ramsay Street!

    • Haha… I am very fond of Melbourne — it’s not all that exciting to visit (although you can check out the Neighbours sets!) but it’s a lovely place to live.


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