things I saw on my bike today

Such a glorious day! Really, there is no better way to spend Melbourne winter days than riding a bike — the skies are bright blue and the sun shines, but it’s very frosty and if you stay at home you just get colder and colder, whereas if you’re peddling along in the sunshine you feel warm and happy. Because I knew my sinuses would make trouble if they got cold, I had a Sudafed before I left and wore a nice woollen headband over my ears and forehead, as well as my neckwarmer which I pulled over my nose and mouth whenever it was too cold. Did I look ridiculous? probably, but no sinus pains! huzzah.

 photo IMG_1227.jpg

It was 25km one way and only 22km on the way back, as the way home was easier to work out and didn’t involve going back to the house to put on extra warm socks.

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-23at71121PM.png

During my ride I saw:

A man playing bagpipes by himself.

 photo IMG_1237.jpg

6000 MAMILs (Middle-Aged Men In Lycra) doing the Melburn-Roobaix ride, in the opposite direction to me, over a very high, very narrow bridge.

 photo IMG_1244.jpg

Around a dozen quite unsporty-looking individuals running along, very out of breath and clutching what looked like a television antenna in one hand and a map in the other. Some had smaller devices and were less out of breath, but they all looked very happy and excited.

 photo IMG_1246.jpg

I suppose none of the above are any more absurd than we were running the Hash…

I rejoiced as usual in the skies — Australia’s skies have always felt just a touch more special than anywhere else.

 photo IMG_1249.jpg

And the crispness of the shadows made me happy also.

 photo IMG_1248.jpg

This slippery warning sign contributed to my good mood:

 photo IMG_1250.jpg

Also spotted in amusing signs. Artists of Australia, beware!

 photo 3ecddc88-42f3-4b00-b2af-ae006c9ae32f.jpg

At Adrian and Yuan’s I was served delicious dumplings, which they make themselves every week. They are hoping to set up a dumpling café — and I have to say, I hope they do as these dumplings are addictive and delicious. I ate most of the bowlful below.

 photo IMG_1251.jpg

Although gorgeous wee Lenny had a few too!

 photo IMG_1252.jpg

My ride home again, this time the satellite view to make it slightly more exciting.

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-23at71039PM.png


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