fly july

I have not been terribly assiduous about updating these past few weeks. I had to cut back on cycling after a 65km ride destroyed my sit-bones, making it impossible to climb back onto my bike (even now a full 2 weeks later, I can’t ride for more than a few minutes, despite having a new saddle and some special padded bikeshorts!). I have broken up with Bikram, for reasons I’m not entirely clear about myself other than not feeling like I’m in the right space to make it work at the moment. James-the-superhero was supposed to come back from Afghanistan for 10 days but sadly it was cancelled days after it was approved, which is disappointing. And whilst I’ve been walking lots — an average of 20-25km a week — it’s nearly all been walking home from work in the evenings, so not actually worth reporting on.

I have finished my ceramics classes and will do a post on that soon, I promise! I’m starting school again on the 29th of July so I have a lot of reading to do in preparation. It’s been a welcome break as I’ve been put in a management position at work and really have not had the headspace for studying in the evenings, but I’m going to have to snap back into it as there are hundreds and hundreds of pages to be read in the next 2 weeks!

Today I have been spurred into updating because I finally went for my first run in ages and ages. I have swallowed my pride and downloaded a “Couch to 10k” app, as it’s just not realistic for me to come back from injury and trust myself not to push too hard. This morning I ran/walked along Merri Creek — I’m so lucky to live just 5 minutes’ walk from the river — and realised how much I needed some discipline in my approach. The first run is super basic: 5 minute warm-up, then for 20 minutes alternate 1 minute running with 1.5 minutes walking. EASY, right? and it felt so amazing to be running that I was always annoyed at having to switch to walking. But I would not have been able to maintain running for 20 minutes — especially as I’m excited to see my running pace was 4:30min/km!!!

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 11.18.14 AM

I was kind of naughty in that when the timer on the app said “Cooldown: walk for 5 minutes”…. I ran another 2. And that is precisely why I always hurt myself. So I am going to try and stick to this programme, with the goal in mind not to be running 5km in a few weeks, like I know I could be, but to be running without injuring myself… which I’ve never succeeded in doing before.


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