st kilda saturday

Actually it started out a Fitzroy Saturday. Actually, it started out an Olympic Park Saturday, as I had both physio and podiatrist appointments in the morning, during which my lower limbs were poked and prodded at. My physio tried her best to make me cry with some deep tissue massage but also explained how my oh-so-painful IT band got so messed up, which then resulted in my kneecaps tracking all wrong, and my shins, and my feet, and my everything. I have hope of running one day yet.

Back to the fun parts though. I had to go drop some library books off at uni, then cycled over to Brunswick St for a Veggie Bar lunch, before meeting up with beloved Nom. We had liquid nitrogen ice cream at N2 Extreme Gelato, which I had previously dismissed as “yet another faddy ice cream place” but was AMAAAAA-ZING. Mine was black lava salted caramel. I want more. Nom looks blasée as she was posing as her alter ego Cassie. We also tried the beer ice cream which tasted exactly like beer.
 photo IMG_2082.jpg

I then procured my first pair of earrings in years, from Rose St Artist’s market, as did Nom. They are magical and change colours constantly like opals, but they are in fact made of glass and metal glazes.
 photo IMG_2083.jpg

Nom tried to drag me to the Spanish Festival on Johnston St but I was having nothing of it, and instead I raced her back to St Kilda on my bike (results: Rosie on Gary: 35 minutes. Nom on the tram: 1.5 hours). We regrouped on my balcony for Pimm’s.
 photo IMG_2086.jpg

And chocolate royale cake I had purchased on a whim earlier from Veggie Bar.
 photo IMG_2087.jpg

We admired our earrings some more, and then decided to head down to the beach to watch the sunset.
 photo IMG_2088.jpg
 photo IMG_2093.jpg

I would love to comment on each and every photo that follows, but there are too many and I basically loved every second of it. My love for Australia’s skies is no secret. Last night was specially beautiful as it was dark and stormy over the bay whilst being brilliant blue over land.
 photo IMG_2105.jpg

 photo IMG_2100.jpg

 photo IMG_2101.jpg

 photo IMG_2109.jpg

 photo IMG_2112.jpg

 photo IMG_2114.jpg

To the right of the pier:
 photo IMG_2113.jpg

To the left of the pier (that’s the Spirit of Tasmania on the horizon):
 photo IMG_2116.jpg

The moon was very big and round in the sky but when we tried to pose with it, it disappeared.
 photo IMG_2121.jpg

At the end of the pier we found a huge gathering of people, all staring expectantly at the water, as a Penguin Team Member scuttled up and down the beach. We watched for a while but it was too cold so we headed back to shore.
 photo IMG_2123.jpg

Bathroom break: trying once more to get a good picture of my pretty new earrings.
 photo IMG_2126.jpg

One more of the sunset and the Spirit of Tasmania…
 photo IMG_2130.jpg

We wanted a picture with the sun but that was no easier than with the moon. So Nom used special effects to replicate the sun.
 photo IMG_2132.jpg

Back on firm land, Luna Park was lighting up for the night. Nom has never been to Luna Park; I’ve been once, with James, the evening we first kissed as the sun set on St Kilda Beach (which was so cheesy we had to go to Luna Park just to make it extra cheesy). Nom made hopeful noises like we might go, but I am mean and so she was only allowed to pose out the front:

 photo IMG_2137.jpg

 photo IMG_2140.jpg

 photo IMG_2147.jpg

 photo IMG_2149.jpg

After this we had a romantic Mexican dinner together and then I took her back to my place to try out my new Hoover. The poor girl was exhausted but I wouldn’t let her go home until she’d test-driven my vacuum cleaner. She’s either a very good actress, or she was as amazed and excited by it as I was… yes it’s that good.


2 thoughts on “st kilda saturday

  1. I don’t know if this comment will stick… I love this post because it talks about our day at the beach and makes it sound extra amazing. I also like how you used “special effects” to describe my simple hand gesture. I also like the panorama photo…what an amazing view of St Kilda! you are so lucky to live there. I will be visiting very often! xo


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