September things

This actually is just a wee little September post, as my October and November ones are quite long. Not that I don’t have a life outside of James, but look who was here! James!

Chronologically, let’s start with September. In September we went to a wedding, but rudely only really had eyes for each other (I know, I know)

The other notable event for September was we went for a hike to Anakie Gorge, in order to re-break in my hiking boots which had been neglected since Jeju.

Anakie Gorge was described in various guides as a shady, riverside walk, meandering back and forth over the water, but Victoria is still in drought so there were no delightful streams to scramble over. At all.

We found the dam and James went to investigate engineer-type things.

It’s possibly useful to mention at this point that there was a gale warning and that the trees all around us were incredibly noisy. James informed me that people get injured due to “falling limbs” and from hereonafter I felt suitably nervous, as is a requirement for James to make me do something terrifying whenever the option arrises.

The other side of the dam wall was a choppy reservoir, where the gusts of wind were causing waves and both of us struggled to keep hats on (I struggled to even stand up, to be honest). However it was very beautiful so we ate lunch and enjoyed the wind, safe from falling limbs.

And then we walked back to the car. Given how much excitement we experienced in Tasmania, this seems like such a dull hike, but I have gone to the effort of writing and illustrating it… I won’t put it up until the others are written however.

Ending with a picture taken for the purpose of seeing how red my face was. The answer: quite red.


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