this week i did this for me

I’m going to continue checking in here for now, to remind myself to keep doing something for me every day. I started the week with such dread, such misery, such despair at the thought of going back to work. My medication made me so sick I actually had to take Tuesday off from work, and my doctor cleared me to stop taking them.

It was Wednesday before I perked up; I went to Bikram on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and every time I felt better and stronger and more relaxed about work. I’m totally back into the Bikram cult and I don’t care what anyone thinks, it’s keeping me not just sane but even quite distinctly happy.

I did do physio exercises two-and-a-half times this week. I drank a lot of water.

I called my friend Kerry when I was freaking out about moving house AGAIN and she was wonderful and supportive and funny, which helped a lot.

I think that’s the full extent of what I did for me this week. Let us see how the weekend goes! I need to go to Fitzroy to pick up my yoga mat from my old studio (although it may well have fused together by this point), get my hair cut, and go take Sailor the dog for a walk on the beach. And Bikram, of course, always.


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