hanging in there – week 2 summary

Last check-in I had a list of things I wanted to do. I’ve achieved mostly just the Bikram (injuring my hip in the process but that’s ok, I can still go, I just spend a lot of time standing/laying down instead of doing the poses).

The highlight of the week was extending Polly’s stay here for another 2 weeks, which makes me so happy. It’s the kind of thing you agonise over for hours and the moment you decide “to hell with the expense!” you realise it was absolutely the right decision!

I did get my hair cut, and I even have a delightful picture of my sister and me (and the haircut, which looks identical from this angle but is in fact very different I promise), from a 70s-themed party we went to. Polly is Hunter S. Thompson. She is fantastic.

 photo 10930904_10153679483292715_6674969926394415672_n.jpg

We were planning to visit the ACCA Menagerie exhibition today but Polly was quite hungover and I had to work this morning… next weekend is the long Australia Day weekend so I’m sure we will make it somehow!

In terms of how much I currently hate my job, well. Let’s instigate a scale which goes from 1 – “I quite enjoy this really”, to 10, “Will someone please firebomb this place already”… two weeks ago I was at a solid 11, which was downgraded over the course of the week to a 6, and then fluctuated between 7 and 8 over the course of last week, depending on how long since I’d been to yoga. Unfortunately by Friday I was well up to 9 1/2 and having to work on a Sunday morning did not help.

Here’s hoping for a week that tops out at 8. Hoping, but not daring to believe. I don’t believe in a higher power, so… Oh Bikram, give me strength!
 photo 10931028_822308561159388_6298482697359945048_n1.jpg


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