After Bikram today I was chatting with the teacher, and he asked me if I had thought of doing Bikram teacher training. This question surprised me very much as I am definitely not a teacher — from teaching English as a foreign language, to training new staff, I detest teaching other people, I think because my success is dependent on their success, and if they are failing, then it’s my fault. I’m impatient and rude and a perfectionist and I have a long way to go before I could conceive being zen enough to become a yoga teacher!

Anyway, whilst I adore my Bikram teachers, and obviously worship Bikram yoga, the idea of being trained (along with 350-450 others) by Bikram Chaudry himself does not appeal. Besides anything else, my mat and towel are both green, a colour which is banned from his training course. I am so grateful to all the people who went and did the training so I don’t have to!

However when I replied “Oh no, not at all, definitely not” he seemed quite surprised. I guess I have the kind of smitten fervour and passion (bordering on being a raging bore who has to restrain herself from talking about Bikram all day, to everyone she meets) that drives many to become teachers themselves. I am always emailing poor Polly links to Bikram/yoga-related articles and blog posts, and appraising her postures, and passing on tips accumulated from Ashtanga and Bikram teachers over the years. I feel like Polly would be a great yoga teacher, I think she should definitely save up and go off to Thailand for the 9-week training.

Speaking of Polly I can’t believe she is leaving in a week. I am scared I will miss her so much that I will also start missing James, and missing James is just not an acceptable thing to do.


2 thoughts on “teachers

    • I will confess, whilst I was completely taken aback, I did entertain the thought for a while, despite my conviction that teaching is not for me (I like telling people what to do, but I lose it when they don’t do what I want perfectly!). I felt quite honoured really that the teacher would suggest it, which is silly because I’m sure it’s a common topic of conversation in studios.

      Who knows what lies ahead, you are right — but given I’m still 2 years (and $20k) away from completing my masters in conservation, I’m unlikely to abandon that path for now!


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