mercury in retrograde

Title courtesy of James who was mocking my end-of-day bliss.

This morning I dragged myself out of bed at 5:20 and onto the tram. As usual by the time I reached the studio I was glad to be there, but when I bent down to straighten my mat, pain shot through my ribs and chest. Every time I bent forward, nerve pain darted around, and I realised this was not going to be compatible with yoga, aka bendy-bendy-pretzel-sport. The teacher and I agreed I would see how the first exercise would go — but from the first deep breath I was in too much pain to even contemplate it, so I went home.

This gave me time to lay in bed, gawk at shoes from Bared (I need new sandals), and research methods for cleaning silicon shower caulk. I spent a pleasant twenty minutes scrubbing bleach into grout with a toothbrush, then headed into work. And I struggled to believe it myself, but today was pretty good! I got several nice emails from clients, which I filed under my Praise folder, because, yes, I have one, and it’s pretty dusty most of the time, because Operations is a thankless, praiseless task. I got all my reporting wrapped up in time to go to Bikram for the 6pm Focus60 class and was pretty excited to get a second chance since my back had stopped spasming.

Yoga was great. It was one of those really easy classes that happens every now and then, where I nailed every posture and never felt dizzy or overheated. Standing head to knee pose, normally a trigger for hip pain, was strong with both legs locked. My triangle was deeper than it’s been for a month. Everything felt wonderful. During class, the thunderstorm that had been brewing all afternoon finally exploded above us, and laying in shavasana with deafening rain and thunder drumming over my head was just blissful.

When I came out, the combination of the muggy heat and the torrential rain felt just like Taiwan. Did I mention James and I scored ultra-cheap flights to Taipei? My eternal gratitude to Graham who texted me to say Cathay had return flights from Melbourne for just $733!! Amazing. We are going on the 23rd of April and I cannot wait. But in the interim, it felt like a Taipei typhoon day, and I was grinning like an idiot all the way home.

 photo IMG_8440.jpg

Then I came home and cooked dinner. Believe it or not, I appear to have cooked a healthy, fructose-friendly, vegetarian meal every night this week, often with leftovers for lunch the next day. I’ve done physio every time I do yoga, so every other day (which is how I’m currently planning my Bikram). Taking my ulcerative colitis medication religiously. My house is a complete mess, but I’m hitting lots of goals. This is in all likelihood linked to my purchase of an app called Way of Life, where you can set daily goals and habits and then check them off every day, building graphs. I love it so much. It’s the best $8 I ever spent on an app.


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