speed post of good things that are good

I am making a mini update to just make note of the fact that this morning, I had a not terribly impressive Bikram class. But in the middle of the middle of it, halfway through the spine-strengthening series, my least-preferred moment of the entire class — half-locust pose, both legs in the air — suddenly I felt a shift and both my legs went up, and my shoulders rolled forward, and for the first time EVER I knew I was doing a good job. Sure enough “Well done Rosie” came the teacher’s voice behind me… I live for those moments. No shame.

The other highlight was going to a lunchtime lecture, Building Capacity for Reducing Disaster Risks to Cultural Heritage: Challenges and Opportunities in Asia Pacific. It was so inspirational!! I have a MASSIVE intellocrush on Dr Rohit Jigyasu who gave a fascinating and flawless presentation. I want to run away from my job and become his groupie. I am so excited. I even asked a question — trying not to choke on my own voice, because we weren’t in my class at uni, in fact I was one of the youngest people there which was quite nerve-wracking. And my question somehow made sense — about how we can develop an impartial, neutral and respected organisation, modelled on the International Committee of the Red Cross, to respond to heritage emergencies in sensitive areas of disaster and conflict, without any funds.

I also raised another point of discussion about involving the community in a project in Victoria to help mainstream the concept of disaster management; I wasn’t sure if I’d overstepped myself but a lady came up to me afterwards and told me she thought it was a great idea and she was glad I raised it. It was so wonderful being in that world for 90 minutes, and it was SO hard to get on the tram and go back to my office and back to horrible constantly stupid work. WHY AM I STILL HERE INSTEAD OF DOING SOMETHING MEANINGFUL WITH MY LIFE.

Finally, I went to see my physio this evening and she has a wonderful theory about my shin pain being a trapped or damaged nerve. I see the shin pain specialist on Monday, the anticipation is killing me.


4 thoughts on “speed post of good things that are good

    • I do dislike the spine-strengthening series in Bikram, which is halfway through the full series, and which goes: cobra, half locust, full locust, bow. Half locust is THE WORST because it doesn’t even feel like a yoga pose, AND I have a phobia of locusts and grasshoppers so even just the thought of it makes me grumpy! I find it very hard to keep my focus and not let negativity take over in those postures… so I’m excited to have a reason to look forward to it next time!

      • It’s funny for me how, oftentimes, the pose I dislike the most ends up giving me the most benefit ~ at least mentally. The locust will never been one of my favourites, but I tend to keep doing it because overcoming that dislike — and the benefits to the spine — is part of my practice 🙂 I look forward to hearing about your next experience with the pose ~ does the new romance take off or was it just a … one-night stand as it were 🙂

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