My ultrasound appointment was yet another in the long string of medical expenses I apparently love to collect in the name of “I would like to run again one day”. I’m not exactly complaining, but between physio, podiatrist, sports doctors (multiple), specialists, x-rays, MRI, nuclear bone scan, and now ultrasound imaging, medication, special orthotic insoles and shoes… I’ve dropped thousands of dollars on these stupid shins of mine. AFTER private health insurance and Medicare. I guess running really is a rich person’s hobby.

Why so down? Well… the technician spent a solid 30 minutes prodding and poking the extremely painful areas between my knee and what I believe is the fibula although maybe it’s the tibula. She could see the nerves there were “thickened” and inflamed. The radiologist was consulted. The weirdness of both my legs being affected by this mystery nerve pain, but the right one worse than the left, continued to flummox them. They gave up, took two dozen pictures, and sent me on my way. I’m seeing my physio on the 11th and the specialist on the 20th, so I was resigned to waiting it out.

I got to work, sat down at my desk, and crossed my legs in my usual working position. My right leg over my left knee. My left knee digging into the extremely uncomfortable, tender, sore spot where the technician had been sticking her probe half an hour earlier. I shifted a little, and my left knee hit the sore spot 15cm down my calf which also is inexplicably sore. I crossed my legs the other way — my go-to position being right over left leg, but I’ll swap for left over right every now and then.

My right knee hit exactly where my left knee hurts.

I’m not saying I’ve cracked it 100%, and maybe it’s a coincidence. But I have spent most of the last 10 years sitting at uncomfortable desks in offices and classrooms, with my legs crossed and my knee digging into the precise area that has become a hotbed of nerve pain. I have had all these people (two physios, three sports doctors, a podiatrist, a sports massage therapist, and of course the specialist, as well as countless technicians) look at it… If it is my bad desk posture, I’m just saying… I’m going to be really annoyed.

Im other news, and in the vein of keeping things positive… we start recruiting for my replacement at work this month (and I locked in my top $$ raise until I leave, which is lucky considering my medical bills).


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