more shin things

The other night when I figured out my shins, I wrote a very long email to my physio about my crossed leg hypothesis. Well, I saw her tonight at last to hear what she thought… and we are well on our way to confirming The Theory of Crossed Leg-Induced Nerve Damage Causing Mystery Shin Pain. It’s crazy isn’t it! Something so innocuous as crossing my legs for 8 hours a day for the last three years… Causing my crippling shin pain that never heals no matter what.

Here’s a tiny screencap of the ultrasound of my peroneal nerve, whatever that is, just to celebrate.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited. I’m taking the prescribed antidepressant in minute amounts because it makes getting up in the morning very hard (I was over an hour late for work this morning because I couldn’t open my eyes). But my physio says it should start making a difference to my nervous system within a couple of weeks, so I’m really going to try and stick to it. I also need to purchase a tennis ball so I can do weird deep gluteal (aka butt) massages that trigger nervous pain in my feet, ankles and shin. Nerves are strange, and I don’t know how I spent my entire life until now thinking they were sort of… imaginary? Like ley lines maybe. I suppose I had them conflated with Qi.


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