welcome Bon Scott

I am very happy to be able to raise the mood here today! Today my friend and once-upon-a-time housemate Fiona just happened to be free and we made spontaneous plans to ride to Brunswick East for breakfast at Milkwood followed by a garage sale next to Triple R radio.

For spontaneous plans, they could not have been more perfect. Today is a beautiful crisp sunny day, perfect for being outside. The route from my house to Brunswick East is nearly entirely along Merri Creek trail, and the small sections of road all have low car traffic and dedicated bike paths, perfect for my first real ride in more or less a year. Fiona is a sheer delight to spend time with, as she has such a sunny and generous disposition (plus us gingers have to stick together). Breakfast is the best meal of the day (I had ham and cheese on toast with tomato and fior di latte, and a glorious banana and blueberry smoothie). Garage sales are quintessentially Melbourne and so full of bargains — after promising myself before I got there to not spend more than $20, I picked up teal skinny jeans for $5, and a day-glow hot pink summer frock for $10, so came in well under budget.

Riding my bike along Merri Creek was truly the ideal way to boost my spirits after such an exhausting week. When I first hit the river and came round the bend, I was blinded for a second by the glittering waters… So happy!
 photo IMG_8711.jpg

Even if Runkeeper felt it worth pointing out that the ride up there was my 30th slowest time… Let’s blame that on me getting lost a couple of times. Not on me being hugely out of shape (although I never got off and pushed!), gasping for breath at times (and my sitting bones are SO SORE now despite wearing cycling shorts!).
 photo IMG_8713.jpg

Fiona and I rode together part of the way home, so I asked her to take a picture of me and Bon Scott and Merri Creek.
 photo IMG_8725.jpg

Yes! I have finally baptised the new bike (which I’ve only had for… 6 months? and never ridden). I saw a poster for the Bon Scotts as I was locking New Bike up before breakfast, and as I was coming back to get him afterwards, suddenly Bon Scott seemed like the perfect name for him. I may call him Bonnie for short though.

Updating to add a picture of the dress that is so day-glo I’m practically under UV light when I wear it!
 photo IMG_8730.jpg


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