something old something new

I’ve been going to bed a lot earlier as the Endep makes me so tired and waking up is a chore. It takes around 9-10 hours from the time I pop half a pill, to being able to feel human again, so I take it around 8:45pm with the hope that I’ll be able to get out of bed by 7am.

I was planning to hit up a 10am Bikram class in Prahran today, but although I briefly woke at 7:30am, I blinked and woke again from a work-related nightmare at 9:30 — which is unusually late even for me, even with this pill, so I must have needed it. However the last tram I can catch for Prahran left at 9:28 so I felt quite annoyed with myself.

Then I remembered I live 70 seconds’ walk (I timed it) from Bikram Richmond. Time to sign up! My Prahran membership expires in 2 days anyway.

I was only slightly nervous to have my first day at a new studio, but when I had filled out my registration form (promising not to hold the studio responsible if I die doing Bikram) I couldn’t actually find the reception desk. I wandered down the hall, then heard “Rosie! Where have you been?”

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see Josh at reception! If I wasn’t updating from my phone I would link to the posts where I have talked about my favourite Bikram teacher at Fitzroy. I adore Josh and I love his classes. I was practically hopping up and down I was so excited! Such a lovely warm welcome to Richmond.

My first Richmond class was not the most remarkable — I’m very sore from the 20km I rode yesterday and was actually unable to do rabbit pose as my shins were too painful. But it felt great; the studio is nice and I like the showers. My new home 70 seconds from home!

What else this weekend? I’ve managed to unpack 4 more boxes of books but I have a lot of paintings and pictures and ceramics which I’m not sure where to put… Need to keep at it though as James will be back in just SIX DAYS and my flat is so tiny there is no room for 2 people + lots of boxes so I will give it another go tonight.

First though I am meeting Kerry for late lunch/early dinner. I normally limit human interaction on the weekend to 1 friend for 3 hours (this is generally the full limit of my tolerance levels due to work grinding my nerves raw), but the doctor recommended I try to see friends more often. Wish us luck!


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