new beginnings!

I have pretty much finished up at work. I still have several Taiwan posts that I will, I will get written — and I know I will, because I am about to have a winter off from working.

I am so excited and happy. I am finally going to be able to do all the things I never have time for. I will sleep a lot too — of course — and because it’s winter, and I’m going to be poor, I won’t be leaving the house very often.

It’s such a luxury to be able to take several months off from work. Here’s my general schedule for the months ahead:

– 12 days until James leaves for Afghanistan, so we have lots of fun things planned, catch-ups with his friends and mine, as well as a lecture of book cover design and Madama Butterfly at the opera.

– My first week of full solitude. Dear Reader, I know I will stay in bed all day every day for a week. I make no excuses. I will also be going to Bikram at my leisure during the daytime, FINALLY seeing the dentist, and visiting all the museums and galleries at the quiet times during the day (I suffer from rage whenever I have to hear the conversations of people around me).

– Writing an application for funding and a scholarship for next year’s thesis and research in Taiwan. Submissions must be in by the 30th of June, so I know I’m going to be able to dedicate lots of time to this. I am aware of how deadlines creep up on one, and procrastination can be a terrible thing. But still. A whole 6-7 weeks is more than most people can hope for.

– Doing all the reading and preparation for my uni courses throughout June.

– My uni courses: in the first week of July, I’m doing a unit on content creation in the field which is held at an Indigenous Arts Centre in the Northern Territory. I’ve rarely been outside of Melbourne, apart from the occasional trip to Tasmania, Sydney, and some of regional Victoria. I am really grateful for this opportunity and the framework which my course coordinators have tried to build so we don’t complete this course steeped in middle-class white privilege and concerns.

– At the end of July I will also be completing a Metals Conservation Intensive, which I’m both excited and apprehensive about. I feel very insecure about the huge gap in my learning after putting uni on hold for so long. So lots of revision and prep to be completed there!

– August will be spent doing my uni coursework, and applying for jobs… I am of this weird mindset where I don’t want to apply for jobs too soon, because I really don’t want to be working until I’ve got all of the above out of the way. I had to sacrifice too much for uni previously and I want to get the best possible results and learn as much as possible. Of course I know that I should not presume that work will fall straight into my hands; it will possibly be months and months before I get work, in which case after August I will be reliant on Centrelink and begging for cash from strangers.


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