I’m Rosie. I try to write every day about something I achieved. I intentionally do not allow myself to be negative on this blog, so sometimes I can sound a bit over the top and happy-clappy, or full of myself, but it’s really about working my self-esteem and gratitude muscles. That and there’s generally a bit of tongue-in-cheek going on… I do not take myself seriously.

Sometimes I write about wherever I am in the world at that time. Sometimes I write about whatever exercise I’ve done that day. Sometimes it’s food, sometimes it’s books, sometimes I’m just excited because I got a good grade in class or someone told me my hair looked nice. These days I am mostly excited about: Bikram again.*

At the moment I’m living in Australia, but I’m from all over. I tend to move around quite a bit, although the more I am traveling the less I tend to blog. Notwithstanding, this blog is also a point of contact for my friends and family who don’t see me very often, which is yet another reason why I will gush about my little victories so unashamedly.

Also, in case you’re confused by references to them: James is my boyfriend, who is currently working in Afghanistan Kurdistan. Gary Bon Scott is my bike.

*Previous sources of excitement:
planning my thesis research
my art restoration/conservation degree (50% complete but on the back burner for 2015)
my upcoming trip trekking in Bhutan with James
my art conservation studies
Bikram yoga
moving to Australia to do a Masters degree
my Robert Campin art project
moving to Sri Lanka
GETTING BACK INTO RUNNING after a long injury-enforced hiatus
moving back to France for the summer
my new job
Hong Kong
filming a road trip/short travel film in Taiwan
training for two half-marathons
running with the Hash House Harriers


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Rosie

    I just read that you, a) have an ereader, b) have read Kate Atkinsn, c) have read Kerry Wilkinson.

    Would you like me to send you my new crime mystery set in Leeds? It’s pretty much like a cross between their styles.

    Let me know. I’d be happy to send you it.

    Conform I’m not a crank here: http://www.johnbarlow.net

    Best wishes, JohnB


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