young at heart and weak in the head

In a fit of insanity last night, following a long conversation with Coach Arthur, I have signed up for a half-marathon on the 4th of March. I wanted to do the Taipei Marathon at Shuangxi, which a lot of the hashers are running, but unfortunately they are no longer accepting applications. So Arthur suggested this one, the Wan Jin Shir International Marathon. Let’s do it. Had I known that there will be 4199 other people running the half-marathon around me, I might not have been quite so enthusiastic, because I hate crowds with a passion, but it’s done now.

I have never been a fast runner of course, so my only goal is to finish it within the 2 hours 50 minutes limit so that I can get a finishers medal (I WANT A MEDAL. I HAVE NEVER HAD A MEDAL FOR ANYTHING. I WANT A MEDAL). I will therefore have to maintain a pace above 7km/h for 21km. So Arthur is preparing a training plan for me. I’m psyched.

After my one and only attempt at racing earlier this year, I didn’t think that these kind of events were really my thing. I still don’t think that I will ever be a big racing person, but I would like to leave Taiwan with this memory and this additional challenge (now that I have my scholarship, I feel like I need something new to exhaust myself earning). Additionally I need to restart my push-ups challenge (apparently I wasn’t going low enough…), so I will have a nicely packed schedule this winter! Sadly yoga ends in a couple of weeks though. I’ve grown to really love the teacher I didn’t like at first, I will miss her.

Oh and last night I also bought my NEW tickets to Korea — I will be staying with Stef from the 5th to the 10th of January. I’m also applying for jobs in Hong Kong, as my new plan is (sorry Melbourne, be patient with me) to go to HK for the summer and then probably head back to the Southern Hemisphere in time for spring. I just cannot face two winters in a row!