an ko mc hotdog

Saturday, 1:50pm. My dreaded Saturday morning meeting finished before 12 instead of after 2pm so I have already fit in a 40-minute run, shower and lunch. Now I could go soak in the rooftop pool, or write my university application, or work on my freelance gig (the one that actually pays real $$ and not rupees) writing about golf course bunker construction. One of these is not like the others. But I’m procrastinating on all of them by writing up today’s run.

On the treadmill today I listened to the ANCIENT and bordering-on-embarassing Taiwanese “rap” album Wake Up by MC Hotdog. It was a huge hit when I lived in Taiwan in 2006 and it was lovely listening to his taike accent after weeks of dealing with Mainlanders. I did nearly all my best runs in Taiwan and for some reason felt much lighter and happier running with taiyu (however bad the music is) in my ears, made me miss the China Hash. I still only did 6km (in 39 minutes!), for all the reasons iterated in the post below.

It was fun also to listen and be able to understand a good 80% of the lyrics (there’s lots of Taiwanese thrown in). In 2006 I could probably pick up a few words here and there but that was it…