part one

Part one of the road trip promotional campaign video we did is now up on Youku doesn’t let its videos embed on my blog, as far as I can tell, so you will have to click through to see my antics. The Chinese commenters seem to be fairly unimpressed with my Taiwanese accent though… Ayaaah bite me, Mainlanders! I expect all of my dear readers to click the thumbs up button to defend my honour.

Click here for a red-faced Rosie, complete with dodgy subtitles (not all of which my own)


good to be me

Yesterday I received a quick’n’rough edit of our Taiwan film which we are sending to the client in advance of the final cut, and I spend the morning writing the subtitles in Chinese and English for all my live chattering, which was surprisingly rewarding, as I had only made one mistake!
It isn’t ALL me making silly faces, promise

Just MOSTLY me making silly faces…

Then once I had sent my translation spreadsheet off to Alberto, I started on my work for David. There were a few issues with synching the progress we had done, so in the end we decided to meet face to face at the office. 40 minutes later, we were off to Apple to purchase the promised MacBook Air (on which I am currently writing this — it is a DREAM MACHINE). We had to spend several hours waiting for the people at Apple to set up the laptop, and talked so much about — well, everything, philosophy and psychology and productivity, which are all key aspects of this project. I am really lucky to be getting paid to do this.

Additionally, I may have a free place to stay in Koh Samui when I go to Thailand this June. How awesome is that? Told you I am lucky. I just cannot bring myself to worry about anything anymore, because everything comes together so much better than I could ever plan…

Today the China Hash is in Neihu, which I think won’t be too strenuous, but I am not sure I can walk the Hash today as I have so much to do before I leave for Hong Kong tomorrow. Will have to get on with things instead of blabbing on my blog now…

standing still

Things have been a bit non-stop and intense with this filming malarky. Only today (Day 9) did we film the final sequence — and days 7 and 8 were hard work as I had to write, translate and record my voice-overs. Now that my involvement is finally over, I am quite relieved to retire to my own little messy bedroom, after days of travelling around the entire island and sleeping in hotel rooms every night. Little things like my mosquito net and my morning oats are how I know I’m home! Alberto (the director) does this kind of thing for months and months at a time, I don’t know how he manages…

Tomorrow I am taking Maria and Alberto on the China Hash — Alberto will be running and Mariutti and I will walk and talk. It’s weird to realise almost 6 years have passed since we saw each other last — twice the duration of the 3 years we were friends in university! But she is exactly the same person, as if mere minutes had gone by instead of half a decade. It’s hilarious hearing about her adventures in the Mainland, I think I will have to go visit her in Beijing sometime soon.

I am so, so tired. I have a work meeting on Monday afternoon, but on Tuesday I am going to have a nice “ME” day and reboot afresh, so as to concentrate on my new job (and writing?). Cici has a week’s holiday for Easter just in time for my obligatory visa run to Hong Kong — and Maria AND Rosalie are also going to be in HK for the weekend — how perfectly serendipitous! Somehow everything falls so neatly into place.

Finally, this beautiful little ballet, which I have been watching and listening to again and again. I feel it captures exactly the life and relationships that I want to have. Plus it’s set in Seoul! Can’t get enough of it…

Suishi dou kaizherrrr

I haven’t had the energy to update at night, when we finally get to our hotel room and stagger past the beds in order to start editing the day’s material. But tonight is the penultimate night and we got to our hotel relatively early, so I am feeling relatively spritely.

I have decided that blogging would not do justice to the entirely surreal experience this week has been. So I am taking boundless notes, in between crying with laughter and shrieking with frustration. I am going to try and write something a little more complete, over the next few weeks, and see where it goes — if it doesn’t end up book-worthy, I will just publish it on here in installments! 

In accordance with the classic scenario of “bare-bones film crew assigned job, job reveals itself to be a project of pure insanity, crew turns camera on itself and starts documenting a journey of ridiculous and non-sensical moments”, in addition to filming material for the client, we have been filming our “director’s cut”. 

I have been loving the filming. I kind of dread the bits where I have to pull myself together and speak serious Chinese, but I love the rest of it — finding stupid things to do and say on camera, what is there not to love? And sitting in front of the laptop every night, faced with my own image, words and undeniable wit, I have been learning to end the belief that I am such a fugly numpty… 

I can’t wait for the post-production to be done and to share it with you all. Alberto reckons it will be a few weeks — a fortnight or so for the actual job we have been paid for, and then a couple more weeks for our hilarious dissection of the project. In the meantime I keep snickering at it by myself, which causes a certain degree of confusion when amongst our dear Mainlander companions.

rinse and repeat

Today… today… today hardly deserves a post. I woke up bright and early, packed my bags, dragged my case down 4 flights of stairs, up to the MRT station, over to Zhongxiao Fuxing, caught the coach to the airport, waited for the delayed flight only to eventually (several hours later) discover that the film crew arrives TOMORROW. Not today. So then I did all of that in reverse back to home, and will do it all over again tomorrow morning. Well done that girl!

BUT there is a silver lining to today’s otherwise pointless waste of my time and last remaining funds. The guy who helped me carry my suitcase down the steps at the MRT turned out to be a professor teaching design at NTNU. He was very keen on getting me on board and using my (up until now) utterly useless degree in East Asian Art. I don’t know if anything will come of it, but it was nice because I have been feeling more and more like I need to get back to what drove me for so long. I choose to see every little sign is a nod of encouragement.

OK. I need to try and get back to sleep (I crashed around 8:30PM and woke up just before 10PM, you can imagine how great I feel). Tomorrow will be better! Dear My Brain, please make sure to speak Chinese really well! I need to be impressive!


I went round to Catherine and Nikki’s for an evening of bingeing on popcorn watching Studio Ghibli films and girl talk. Upon arrival, I was immediately presented with Nikki’s Where’s Wally puzzle and instructed to find the last missing object, a key. After years of hunting down rogue trees on my Photoshop golf course drawings*, I am now an expert at Where’s Wally and I am proud to say I found every single item within minutes. YES, THAT IS MY GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT TODAY, WHAT OF IT?
Behold the puzzle, framed by Nikki’s thalidomide flipper of a hand and my own witchy features

Whilst I am promoting my friends and their extraordinary talents, if you are interested in what I am going to be doing in this week’s up-coming filming, check out the pilot episode Maria presented in Thailand. I am hideously jealous of her Beijing accent and of the fact that she got to go to Thailand instead of rainy old Taiwan. I encourage you all to watch it, if only for Maria’s breath-taking acting skills when she gets attacked by a shark.
(I wanted to embed it but it won’t work on my iPad, sadly. So follow the above link! Watch it! Laugh! Like it!)
*yes, I know, that makes no sense to anyone who hasn’t worked in the golf course design industry. So, pretty much everyone.


Oops it’s been a while since I updated, again. I have been busy moving into my new place, which I love. I know my move to Xinyi has coincided with the apparent end of winter, as well as the end of school and a general new phase of my life, but this house makes me very happy, my bedroom is flooded with daylight from dawn till dusk and as someone who needs sunshine — it’s such a blessing. My new place in fuzzy pictures — I never got round to posting pics of my room in Muzha, but you weren’t missing much:

Gorgeous blanket design, n’est-ce pas?

Happy face!

One of the kitties that lives with us — this is Wupo (witch), I have a weakness for Wazi (socks) but she ran away from the camera

The sun disappeared when I tried to take a view of our rooftop garden and Elephant Mountain in the background… but you get the idea

I am now settled and trying to get into the “freelance” spirit, as sleeping till midday is ok for a week or so but really, I need to be productive in the mornings in order to feel good. My schedule mostly involves getting to the gym and sewing buttons back onto clothes for the time being, but Project Number 2 is underway as of this morning (1:35am, to be precise). I am working with David, the founder of Engaging Minds, helping him compile and edit some coursework materials. It’s really interesting and I feel like it’s a good way to ease back into working. New housemate Dan has kindly lent me a spare PowerBook so I now have an “office space” of sorts — it’s definitely helpful to keep the iPad for distractions and the laptop for working. I am also working my way through the filming schedule, researching for the travel/road trip movie which starts next Friday!

On the injury front, there is no real improvement, no doubt linked to my continuing incapacity to perform the exercises the Doctor gave me to do, but I have finally got access to an elliptical machine at the local sports centre so I am hoping that those workouts will allow me to compensate slightly for my lack of running. It kills me though as the weather is beautiful and I am missing the Hash ever more every day…