happy rainy saturday

Ashtanga was… perfection! I hadn’t been for over two years (my last class was apparently on the 1st of April 2011) and it felt so much like coming home. I walked in and Amanda was at the desk, looking her usual serene and beautiful self. Her eyes widened in surprise and her hands flew up to greet me, as she exclaimed at how long it had been. She remembered my name and even remembered us hugging goodbye over next to the chai pot — I remembered it of course, but I was ever so touched that she would remember too, because it has been ages and she must have so many students. We talked about some of the places I’d been and were both really excited. She was keen for me to return to practice, offering to pick me up in the morning as she drives past my street every day for the 6:30am class, such a lovely, kind and generous woman.

I have to admit that I’ve missed the figurative warmth of my ashtanga school — Bikram is hot yoga but the people who practice are a bit cold. I have complained about this before but everyone is so po-faced at Bikram, whereas at ashtanga everything is beautiful, smells NICE (there is always a huge pot of chai ticking over in the kitchen) and people smile and greet each other. Much more welcoming.

And the yoga? Well, I was thrilled to see how much more flexible I am now thanks to Bikram. I can easily wedge my palms under my feet with my head to my knees and my legs straight as pokers, and now my heels never leave the ground during downward dog. However those push-ups in chaturanga — not so great. Ashtanga is a proper strength workout. I’m going to be soooo sore once my muscles realise what hit them.

So in conclusion… Bikram? Ashtanga? I need both. Bikram brings me flexibility, mental strength, amazing skin and absolute silence in that chattering little mind of mine. Ashtanga brings me strength, poise and hippy love vibes (and chai!). So I am going to have to find a way to fit in 3 classes a week of Bikram and at least 2 of ashtanga. Fortunately after class, Rebecca and I located the lululemon outlet store in Collingwood… I was very restrained and only purchased a pair of hot yoga shorts and an awesome bikechain waterbottle.

 photo IMG_1134.jpg

The waterbottle reminded me to head over to the bike shop and get a new inner tube, proper lights (my current ones are really not bright enough) and this fantastic wee repair kit. Who can believe they are so tiny and lightweight? I seem to remember daddy made us carry gigantic ones, although I’m realising now it’s probably because they included a spare inner tube, a latex glove, a bottle of bike chain lube and god knows what else. Still, this one is perfect so I need never travel without again. I didn’t choose it in pink, by the way… the guy in the shop chose it for me… >__<

Can't wait to fix Gary tomorrow. Then I can have a weekend of ABCs: Ashtanga, Bikram and Cycling!